Grace Gedeon is a life coach and executive coach who blends her business and psychology experience to create her unique capacity to intuitively and clinically diagnose the psychological factors that stand in the way of your success and fulfillment. Grace teaches effective techniques to help you transform your career in a deep and long lasting way.

Grace graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Laws in 1983 and worked for over 10 years as a corporate lawyer in both Australia and the UK.

In 1994, Grace commenced her studies in the field of counseling in addictions and group facilitation. She is an Honors graduate in this field winning the AICA Jules Chevalier Award for the student considered the most promising counselor and the George and Janet Wilson Award for academic excellence. She was also the recipient of a scholarship to train at the Betty Ford Center, Palm Springs. Grace subsequently completed an internship in the treatment of co-dependency and other addictions at the Meadows, in Arizona.

Grace completed her Masters in Psychology in San Francisco, USA. She has brought these skills into her practice as an executive coach, life coach, group facilitator and seminar leader.

If your business is not returning the profits you need to grow; if you can’t manage your staff with maximum efficiency; if you avoid proper marketing and sales strategies; if you need to grow your business with minimal capital; or if you simply need mentoring and guidance then Grace can help you.

Grace’s background as a corporate lawyer with a top 4 law firm together with her coaching skills and personal experience in business ownership and management enable her to move you from inertia into action and help you with strategies to build a profitable and fulfilling business that aligns your values and your goals.

Working with Grace

“Thank you so much I can’t tell you how much it means to have someone I can work with like you and I think the proof is in the pudding, what a year. I have a kind of momentum now that I just don’t think stops, it’s more like a way of life. This has been such a huge year on so many levels and it still feels like I am only just getting started!” Coaching client, Sydney


  • Sydney
  • Australia wide
  • International by arrangement

Areas of specialisation

  • Executive coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Addictions

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